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Highlights of Musical Performances

November 3, 2014

Four Cajun Seasoned Heroes in Thirty Minutes or Less (Or They're Free)
Jonathan Warburto, bass trombone - South Carolina


​February 23, 2013

Just After Dusk...
Jorge Variego, alto saxophone - Manchester University, Indiana


February 4, 2012

Four Cajun Seasoned Heroes in Thirty Minutes or Less (Or They're Free)

Jonathan Warburton, bass trombone – British Trombone Society Conference, U.K.



May 2, 2011

Catatonic Vision of the Spring-Loaded Case

Brandon Martell, bass trombone – Eastman School of Music


October 15, 2010

Winter Hares Touched by a Jovial Air of Bon Bons

Jonathan Warburton, bass trombone – Juilliard School of Music



March 27, 2010

Ad Vitam Aeternam

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival



April 2, 2009

Marrian, Age 7

Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference



February 21, 2009

Marrian Variations

All County String Orchestra – Loudoun County, Virginia 



October 16, 2008

Ad Vitam Aeternam

Electronic Music Midwest – Kansas City, Missouri



September 25, 2008

Are You Listening?

College Music Society National Conference – Atlanta, Georgia


June 26, 2008
Breaking the Silence: Torture Survivors Speak Out

E Street Cinema - Washington, D.C.



April 25, 2008

The Smell of Wet Dogs After a Summertime Rain

Jonathan Warburton – Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, United Kingdom



April 9, 2008

Ad Vitam Aeternam

WOBC Radio Station, “New Music Soapbox” by Ben Dorfman – Oberlin, Ohio



February 4. 2008

A One Way Trip

Accessible Contemporary Music Weekly Readings – Chicago, Illinois



July 17, 2007

Last September

Martin Levický, piano – The Museum of Antonin Dvorak, Czech Republic



October 29, 2005

A Night Time Rain

UM Contemporray Music Ensemble – University of Montana



November 22, 2004

Marrian, Age 7

WOBC Radio Station, “Foldover” with DJ Context – Oberlin, Ohio


December 15, 2002

Midnight’s Peace

Jancinta Whittaker, Organ – Front Royal Presbyterian, Virginia



April 30, 2002

Cuatro Cancioncitas

Cello12 – Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, D.C.


February 17, 2002

Upon a Child

Shenandoah Conservatory Cantus Choir – Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.